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You can absolutely use lawn ornaments as statement pieces inside your home. Here I've used a large cement-poured horsehead lawn ornament that I picked up at an end-of-year sale and decided to put it right in front of my fireplace. It's a wonderful touch and adds a bit of spice and unexpectedness to the home. You can do this with any large lawn ornament, as long as it accents your current decor. The cat likes it, too!
@McDoogle Haha Arthur seems like a great character. What a fun family!
@sanityscout - Oh the cat is very much an ornament! LOL!
I totally agree, @McDoogle - I've also used lawn-oriented pieces inside the house. I used to collect fairies and winged creatures, and some of most "classy"-looking ones that don't overdo the cuteness are the outdoor ones. On a funny note - for a second before I opened your Card I couldn't decide if the cat was the ornament. HAH!
@darcyDashwood - Thanks! Yes, we actually own two cats and two dogs. I think they've all managed to finagle their way into my Vingle posts, except for Arthur. But he made it as my profile pic. LOL!
This look is quite rustic and it's visually pleasing. By the way, do you own both a cat and a dog?
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