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key to a crash-relax
Had a pretty crazy crash. Tip 1, if you know your going down, RELAX. Let you body do what it wants/needs and don't fight it to much. Do this got me only a 2nd degree road burn and missing about 11% of my skin. Tip 2, don't get behind your buddies truck that doesn't know anything about pulling long-boarders.
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@Mannith yeah thats a way to prevent serious injuries but there are times when you lose control, get caught off guard, and stiffen up. Which causes you to slam down on your back and rip up your skin So @PatPatterson is right in a way when it comes to relaxing. You should let your momentum flip you over, only then do you slide on your pads. And Pat, pads are a nuisance, i know trust me. When it comes down to speed, they really are a lifesaver
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You should be facing where you are sliding
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What about toeside checks?
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your eyes and top half of your torso should be facing down hill. you should look like a figure skater doing a fancy move
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