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You can create a unique, functional, and most importantly CHEAP pet bed that your furry family member will love AND that will look posh in your place! Here I've used an Asahi beer crate that I picked up for free while living in Japan. I left the dividers in there and just put a pet pad I already had on top of them. My dog is small, so this was the best way to keep him from drowning in the bed. Then I just threw his favorite Hello Kitty blanket over it and it's a great-looking pet bed that also accentuates my home! If your dog is bigger, you can get a dremel tool and carefully cut out the dividers (if your crate has them). Just be sure to sand down the cut edges. Even though these crates are plastic, cut edges are still sharp! Have fun! Make something interesting!
yeah man u r right
@stargaze - my guy is a little old man and sleeps more than a cat! LOL
@sanityscout - he LOVES to be swaddled in his Hello Kitty blanket in there! @assassin38 - Boxers are awesome! Better get a big crate for him. LOL!
beautiful. I just bought a Boxer
I want that crate for myself? But now I feel bad stealing it from him... I bet that pup feels in his crate how I did when I was a kid and filled the bathtub with pillows for cozy reading!
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