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Hey guys, Hanson back with another quick tip! I was wondering if you guys would like to feature you on my post? If so, email me what you wanna post @ fairyauraHD@gmail.com. Tip #2 When riding, it is good to ride in at a faster speed then you usually do because it helps to ease in to a slide. I know it may seem simple, but it does help! Thanks guys: Stay Fresh. ! Caution When Performing tricks like these ! Where protective gear like Helmets and Knee Pads !
Speed does help, and so does pushing your limits, but I'd go about it slowly. Don't start out at 10mph and suddenly decide to go to a hill that'll bring you up to 30. Slow steps are best!
sure thing man. I'll see if I can pull up some old carnage pics for what not to do also
oh xD I gotcha. sounds good lol
featured how?
That's cool, thanks!
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