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Anyone Want S'more Cupcakes?
My friend shared this with me, its was delish...moist and sweet to perfection.
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my friend who made it is a baker and she called it "s'mores" but overall its chocolate cupcake topped with whip cream cheese icing, drizzled with chocolate syrup, mini marshmallows, then sparkled with crushed graham crackers...
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@cheerfulcallie. Look at this! It's official. Sending this to all the people in my life who love that they can drop everything and bake this at once (for me!).
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@marshalledgar you're so funny, don't forget to share, haha!!
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Me!! This looks beautiful haha I need to find a recipe for this.
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I'm sending this to my daughter who will be attending a baking and pastry school.. I plan on indulging soon I hope ha
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