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Your board??!!

what kind of board do you have?! how old is it?! Does your board have a name? what is the weirdest place you have ridden your board? how do you push?!
Hi, I have a Loaded Chubby Unicorn. I think shes about half a year old but I've only had her for a few weeks now. She doesn't really have an official name, although I've been referring to her as the chubs : ). I guess the weirdest place I've ridden her so far is in my kitchen... I push regular with my right foot and my left foot at the front of the board.
I have 2 that I use. An old pintail I made, for EXTREMELY light freestyle and cruising. And then my pride and joy, the Loaded Bhangra. Mmmmmmmm its perfect! Double kick, slight concave, nice wheel wells. Perfect freestyle board for me. Downsides are, it's pretty heavy. But once you get used to it its fine. My Bhangra is about 3 months old and it already has some pretty extreme razor tail. My fault for not buying nose guards. Its nameless, I want to remain emotionally unattached in case it gets run over by a drunk driver (I'm already too emotionally attached for my own good hahaha) Weirdest place I've ridden it...probably inside my kitchen. I stand regular, and I push mongo (trying to learn switch though)
I have a kryptonics fish tail, I just got it two weeks ago, the weirdest place so far is on a roof, it's name is maddy
sexy. all my boards are named sexy
Most guys acknowledge their belongings as girls haha. all of my guitars have girl names as well haha
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