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I am riding 78mm orange orangotang wheels and I love them. I use them for cruising around campus or town. they are so great because they have amazing grip and never seam to wear down. that is why my favorite wheels are the 78mm orangotang wheels
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@steezus my bad ment to put 75mm not 78mm
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71mm Arbor sucrose wheels.
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otang cages and otang stims
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74mm Abec11 Grippin's. I also have a pair of 74mm Otangs, but I cored them out too much to get a smooth ride. The Abecs work amazing though, you get good grip, but you can still get those nice slides in
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My Stella Mondo's, 83a, are still kicking butt, Orangatang Moranga 86a are grippy, but in slides they are icy with a good hook up. and Last but not Least. The Venom Cannibals 76a
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