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Selena's new song is out! I won't even apologize for loving most of Selena's music (I've been her fan for as long as she has been on Disney shows). Last spring, I scored free tickets to her concert on my campus, and she really stunned me: she's grown up into an artist that really knows how to put on a show! This music video really show a lot of raw emotion, and is most definitely, 100% about her former boyfriend, Justin. According to E!, the video was hard for him to watch, but friends of hers like Taylor Swift loved it. Selena said it was really hard to get the beginning voice overs, but she locked herself in a room alone, with a microphone taped under a table, and talked to herself in the mirror to let her feelings really flow out naturally, and then used a clip of this for the video. It's not my favorite Selena song ever, but I really love the clear emotional growth that she is willing to show and share with her fans, who have probably felt the same thing.
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To be honest, all I know about Selena is 'Come and Get It' so this is a totally different sound!