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"The Hearts Wants What it Wants" - Selena Gomez

Selena's new song is out! I won't even apologize for loving most of Selena's music (I've been her fan for as long as she has been on Disney shows). Last spring, I scored free tickets to her concert on my campus, and she really stunned me: she's grown up into an artist that really knows how to put on a show! This music video really show a lot of raw emotion, and is most definitely, 100% about her former boyfriend, Justin. According to E!, the video was hard for him to watch, but friends of hers like Taylor Swift loved it. Selena said it was really hard to get the beginning voice overs, but she locked herself in a room alone, with a microphone taped under a table, and talked to herself in the mirror to let her feelings really flow out naturally, and then used a clip of this for the video. It's not my favorite Selena song ever, but I really love the clear emotional growth that she is willing to show and share with her fans, who have probably felt the same thing.
To be honest, all I know about Selena is 'Come and Get It' so this is a totally different sound!
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Selena Gomez's Best Hair Moments
Whether you're a Selenator or not, you have to admit Selena Gomez has one of the most gorgeous hair out there. Nonetheless, hair change signifies major changes in life, so let's take a look at Selena's best hair moments. 2002 - Barney and Friends This was Selena's first acting gig and she was just as adorable as she is now. During Barney and Friends, she embraced her natural curls. The hairstyles she wore was pigtails, high ponytail or half-up half down. 2007 - Wizard of Waverly Place After auditioning for Wizard of Waverly Place, Selena, got the lead role as Alex Russo. Still embracing her natural curls and rocking the half up half down hair, but this time with more sass. 2009 - Wizard of Waverly Place (Season 2) Selena got a makeover for this season. She got a bob cut and it looks great curled or straightened. It's extremely flattering and for thick hair. 2013 - Adidas Campaign Selena rocked her long locks again in 2013 for Adidas's shoe campaign. This time with a beach wave texture and a two-tone color hair. 2014 - "The Heart Wants What It Wants" There was a lot going on for Selena in 2014 and she end year with a hit single "The Heart Wants What it Wants". The emotionally charged song was about a girl falling in love with the wrong guy and the music video was shot in black and white. Selena's hair also reflect this growing up, mature and more polished hairstyle on red carpet events such as Teen Choice Award and American Music Awards.