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Found a complete arbor pintail, nice size sweet design, and and palisade pin love the more natural design not using a base paint and instead just stain it. Not completely sure about a setup for it but I'm only looking anyways don't have the money right now. But what do you guys think about these?
I'm a huge fan of arbor. This pintail/arbor combo will be great for cruising!
Cause pintails are like only good for cruising (some people don't even think that, a lot think they're useless.)
It seems like a great dancing board too. And its not technically limited. I had a really flexy arbor pintail that I was so comfortable with I took it down some decent sized hills. nothing too big to have to speed check though
Beginner tho. It will work@IsaacPaulR
Arbor timeless classic pintail was one of my first boards I ever bought. I loved it. It's a great solid board for getting around and jamming to your favorite tunes on!
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