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If you want a whole slew of super-duper-cute ideas for kids' bento-style lunches, make sure you check out this photostream I found on Flickr by Melissa of (buzzymelibee). I especially like the pandas, cars and Hello Kitty-themed boxes so far, but I'm just scratching the surfaces of her many great ideas! Which ones are your favorites?
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@stargaze thanks for tagging me! I@sanityscout I definitely like the panda and hello kitty bento.
oh my! I love these! what great inspiration! Thanks @stargaze for the tag!
I'm so glad you like them! I can't wait to try some of the ideas for my preschooler's lunches (and my own)! I just got a huge set of plastic cookie cutter shapes on sale, so I want to try them out on sandwiches and fruit :)
Who says you can't play with your food ;)
The sandwich is so cute. I want to get one of those sandwich cutters.