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Hi, all! I've been looking for a G1 Flight jacket for WOMEN for a decade. Literally. I've been searching for ten years. (The one pictured is for men. This is different from the A2 flight jacket, which doesn't have the fur collar.) All the G1 jackets I've seen are either stylized versions of the jacket, or are cut for men and therefore look terrible on me. I'm 5'6" and petite. I really need the thing to be cut for a woman. I'm even willing to go to a custom shop to have one made, but even those people are impossible to find. Anyone have any tips? Thanks!
@sophiamor - Thanks! Yes, I've tried to find some in vintage stores and they're all so disgusting. LOL! I'm getting close to just finding a tailor who works with leather and paying the money to have one made. This is a style that will last decades and if the jacket is made well, it'll last me forever.
My dad had a jacket similar to this when I was young, but I haven't seen a style like this in a while! The only advice I have is to dig through every thrift and vintage store you see (which I'm sure you've done if you've been looking for so long!) I hope one comes your way soon!