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Sorry that I have been slacking on my photos! I took this photo at the Soshu Odawara Castle. It doesn't look like much but full size of this image is HUGE. It is a 9 shot panorama (hence the name). History time! "Odawara was a stronghold of the Doi clan during the Kamakura period. After the Uesugi Zenshu Revolt of 1416, Odawara came under the control of the Omori clan of Suruga, who were in turn defeated by Ise Moritoki of Izu, founder of the Late Hōjō clan in 1495. Five generations of the Late Hōjō clan improved and expanded on the fortifications of Odawara Castle as the center of their domains, which encompassed most of the Kantō region."
This is an awesome shot! I'm glad we both used Japanese castles in the black and white challenge!
I made it bigger and noticed there are people near the top! This looked to timeless but then those sneaky tourists gave it away ;)