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Three friends spend 5 days on Devil's River kayak fishing, and make a video about it. These fish really give them some good fights, which they aren't sure why about, but I think the explanation to the fight they give might be related with the amount of oxygen in the water! These rivers usually have more oxygen which make the fish stronger. Multi-day river trips might be my favorite way to kayak fish. Hope you picked up a couple tips learned in this video, and can then have your own awesome trip. Best of luck!
@yakwithalan Will do!
@dougjohsnon I think you'd enjoy it, give it a shot. @mcgraffy yeah there often are; in this case this river is really protected by its residents bc of some trash who like to do floats and leave garbage behind....so actually these guys had to take down and repost their video after some complaints were filed re: him having a teeny tiny bottle of whisky at one point. they just edited rather than fighting it bc residents are looking for any reason to get yakkers out of there...
@yakwithalan Have you ever tried anything like this? I feel like there would be some local ordinances in place requiring you to get permission to fish or camp, no/
One of the reasons i want to try kayak fishing so much is to get out on this kind of adventure. I don't even take multiple day trips where I Just float and fish like this, so i think it'd be really an experience