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RexDelRay has got to be one of my favorite Youtube yakanglers: his DIY videos are really helpful, and he genuinely loves the sport while still respecting his catch. I can really relate to his story here: why he loves kayak fishing is similar to why I love it, though I think I also love the peacefulness of it a little more than he does. When I want to get a friend into fishing, I'm going to start showing them this video. After they see it, I'm sure they'll be calling me to make plans for next week wanting to try kayak fishing!
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Looks like he's mostly a salt water guy but I can definitely relate to the idea of wanting to bring something new to our side of the water...cool video @yakwithalan did you make it?
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@mcgraffy @JaredMarinsky glad you guys like it! Jared it's not my video, I"ve just been posting the candidates for best yak angling video of 2014!
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Awesome story! Thanks for sharing these @yakwithalan
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@yakwithalan You're always sharing this guys videos, hah! he's got some pretty sick footage
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That was a pretty sick video. I've only heard a hand full of guys in AK that fish out if kayaks....
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