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I honestly found this music kind of distracting (and funny?) but a nice video showing Lucid Fishing teams Nick Doumel and Teddy Wozny fishing on Lake Michigan for King Salmon. Their fishing goes well, and then end up getting 1st and 2nd in the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series! Makes me want to head up to Lake Michigan again next year. I'll have to add it to my list.
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yeah the wins were expected after this great fishing @dougjohnson
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Thanks guys! I have a habit of choosing terrible music. I guess it's my signature lol! Good stuff! Well I'll give you guys the first viewing of the new video! It's uploading as I type. http://youtu.be/tI2X2H-9vV8
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@TheWoz That video is awesome!!!! You should post that video on here as a card so more people can find it lol you can get some good exposure in this community.
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Hey insure will. Gonna check out the site now and figure how all this works!
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@TheWoz Great work on the videos! Good to see you stopping in. Hope you find some stuff you like.
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