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Here's a delightful moment of some horses and bison enjoying the early morning sunrise on Denver. What a view! Bison are one of my favorite animals.
I love the soft colors in this, you can really tell it is just at sunrise.
@galinda - This is actually a photo from a few years ago. I just found it and realized I never did anything with it!
Brrr! There's already snow on the ground?! Those clouds in the distance look so beautiful!
@sanityscout - It was freezing indeed, but I was out there for probably an hour just snapping pictures. The bison are just massive. Such impressive beasts. I wanna ride on one! But if you were to ever see one without a fence in between, beware, because they could gore you in like 5 seconds. Definitely not to be trifled with. :)
The scene looks so fuzzy and warm, even though it must be freezing cold! I love how comforting it feels. And of course the lovely creatures in it. Seeing a bison in person is so amazing! I saw one when I visited Yellowstone a few years ago.