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One Fish, Many GoPros!
This is a video that really shows every angle (literally...)) of kayak fishing!! If this doesn't make you want to get out in your kayak within the first minute, well, maybe you aren't mean to own one. Kayak fishing as it's meant to be is really shown in this video. Rods used: Manley Rods Kayak used: Jackson Kayak Cudas River: Colorado River
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Awesome video from the guys at 1 fish, many gopros!! This has got to be one of the best channels for fishing videos these days, doing some of the best editing of the anglers I know of online.
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There's some realy cool camera angles in here. still i want to spend my time fishing, not edditing, so i'll leave this to him hah
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I keep changing my mind about the GoPro! This one makes me think I really do need one XD
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@mcgraffy @happyrock @dougjohnson Glad you guys enjoyed the video! It is indeed one of the best.
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