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I know tarantula trucks have a bad rep, but what about this?! (excuse the horrible song in it)
Truck view of Tierney Rides T-board: http://youtu.be/bPdMFbEeDGU I mean, its different, so I'd think it would be worth a try. what about you guys?
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Yeah @Shulace it was Rob Dyrdek's dirty girl... I don't even understand why anyone would have a digital file with that song in it.
3 years ago·Reply
Why. wheels and music made me want to die
3 years ago·Reply
I had no idea that was Dyrdek xD that makes it even better
3 years ago·Reply
No wonder its so horrible LOL
3 years ago·Reply
just imagine the speed wobbles on those 10/10 would Maryhill
3 years ago·Reply