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I usually don't care much for seasonal decorations, but this year I'm in the mood to. It's a bit cooler this year, so I'm searching for cozy fall decorations for my living space (particularly the lounge and sleeping area). Here's are three things to try. 1. Layering bed with comforters, knit throws, coverlets, and blankets. Chenille and microfiber fabrics are my favorite. 2. Re-position my comfy chair next to a sunny window. During summer it was too warm, but it's nice to get cozy by the window with a pile of pillows and a fuzzy throw. 3. Pile area rugs on my wood flooring. This would save my toe from freezing in the morning. Images from Midwest Living.
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Good ideas! I love to have a bowl of soup and watch the leaves fall as I lounge in a big chair with a blanket and my pets! Delicious!!