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I used to work for the Federal Government and now I'm a full time fine artist. What a joy! Here's some of my work. I do all the woodworking and art myself, converting raw lumber into wall hangings. All of the line work is wood burned with a burner pen (this takes FOREVER!) and the color is airbrushed. About half are commissions; the other half are just pieces I wanted to make.
@sanityscout - great idea! I'll do that! @mcgraffy - Thank you!
I love this so much. I love the motifs you pick. (Especially the one with all the Japanese monsters because that's hilarious.) And I totally agree with @sanityscout! I'd love to see some process shots too.
I love the colors and the kooky combination of elements! I love its subtlety :) It would be awesome if you made a collection for "Whimsical Woodworking" and then a card for each project, with process shots. Ignore me if you're already doing that - I just can't wait to learn more about how you make your art!
@DarcyDashwood - Yep, classic woodworker. I'm sort of a tourist when it comes to that stuff. I know just enough to be dangerous. But if you need a table top made, I'm your gal! I've perfected the art of joining wood. LOL
@danidee -- LOL thanks! The Japanese on the monster one is actually legit accurate Japanese. The top line of the piece is translated roughly as "Radius of Monster". The radii are all 2000 kilometers from Tokyo. The writing along the right hand side is translated as, "The diagram reveals the distance of round-trip missions of monsters from Chichiima, Hong Kong, Alaska, Manila, and Vladivostok, assuming each monster is carrying 2000 kilograms of anger. However, the radii are reduced to account for potty breaks." LOL! The writing along the bottom shows the publishing house and that the document is for official use only.
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