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Worst scars?
This f*cking scar right here. It's 5 years old, and it still breaks open. Doesn't look too bad anymore but that flab of skin was about twice the size and deep to the bone. I was skating down a garage and was a little too liberal squeezing through the narrow gaps between concrete pillars. Hit one at speed and that was the day I could see my shin without any skin. What is your guy's worst scar stories?
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ha the old ladies right tho!
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i know safety is important and so is knowing how to stop properly and at that time i diddnt know either of these things its just her choice of words and the fact that she was screaming at me lol
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hahaha I feel
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during my freshman year u in highschool, I was cruising home on my little sector 9 Reno through an apartment complex. Instead if taking the usual route which is fundamentally straight down a hill, I decided to shake things up and take the adjacent hill with a couple of sharp turns into it. Next thing I know, I make a 25 mph turn in between a couple of speed bumps and end up flying into a the tail light if a car HEAD FIRST. One serious concussion and 30 stitches later on my forehead, I started longboarding again the following couple of weeks lol. 4 years later you can still see the crescent moon scar on my foreshead clear as day
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Might need a blood test bro might be diabetic most scars and wounds won't heal right if so good luck get it checked
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