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This f*cking scar right here. It's 5 years old, and it still breaks open. Doesn't look too bad anymore but that flab of skin was about twice the size and deep to the bone. I was skating down a garage and was a little too liberal squeezing through the narrow gaps between concrete pillars. Hit one at speed and that was the day I could see my shin without any skin. What is your guy's worst scar stories?
I was bombing a hill for the first time on a board I had never rode on before. take in note it was the first week I started long boarding. I ripped my palm open to where you could see tendon and bone. all we did though was clean it out, put the skin back over, wrapped it up, and I went straight back to boarding xD
Not longboarding related, but it hurt like hell. So my friend shot me with a pretty high powered air soft gun and it fucking punctured my skin. Pissed me off. Then, he sprays old spice cologne in it. It felt like someone squeezed jalapeño juice into my urethra, it hurt so much. (K that was a little exaggerated but you get the idea) Longboard related though, I was practicing nose manuals and I stepped down too hard on the board. I looked back towards the tail and BAM it flung up and hit me in the face. Left a decent gash on my lip. Not really that bad, I'm pretty safe when it comes to freestyle.
ha the old ladies right tho!
I winced
"squeezed jalapeño juice into my urethra" jesus christ dude
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