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Rob is a very well known fisherman for his kayak fishing videos from Hawaii: he's had quite a few go viral, and keeps the quality videos coming. I really appreciate this one specifically because it brings some attention to the fact that there are those who fish to eat, and that's ok, too. Being a responsible and smart fisherman doesn't mean you never keep and eat. This 105 pound black marlin hooked and landed is a great exmaple of that!! Kayak: Trident 15 Angler Ocean Kayak Gear: Penn Wire: Knot2Kinky
@mcgraffy @happyrock I'm just a fan of his videos from Youtube! And yep mike it is that guy. I also love that he eats it to be honest, at least he isn't harming it for no reason and it will go towards supporting a real family.
@mcgraffy I wouldn't have even noticied its the same guy, thanks! @yakwithalan do you know him personally, or you're just a fan?
@yakwithalan Ah, i see! I agree. I am OK with keeping as well, as long as it's legal and people are gonna really benefit from it and not waste anything
This is the guy that had that shark video of him go viral right? I think I recognize him. Anyways yeah I'm not a catch and eat kind of guy most of the time, but I appreciate that he clearly respects what he is catching, even if he ends up feeding on it, he's not wasting it.