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I don't do much saltwater angling, but this might have to become my prefishing pump-up video! Sick catches from the Hmong Kayak Fishing Club. Check the comments on YT for some great tips on how to catch these fish. Reel for bottom fishing: Release Reels SG Reel for trolling: Shimano FJ6000 Cameras: GPH3+ black and a GPH3+ silver
This is awesome! Just like you @yakwithalan I don't do much saltwater fishing (none, really) but this is pumping me up to try it
@CaseyJohnson That makes two of us!
wow I wanna be there too with them now I wanna go buy a new reel and jump in yak I never wanna leave lol
Amazing! I want to give fishing on the ocean another go.
@BrianMcNeeley Yeah!! It's amazing whats' out there. ANd just think, we don't know half of what's there probably!! @dougjohnson Maybe we should give it a better shot
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