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My Longboard fail: you have to skip to the middle yo see the down hill
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Dude. Wear a helmet, ALWAYS. Your an idiot for not wearing one. Dont got one? Dont board till you do. Im sorry, I know youve already have heard a bunch of crap, but that fall could have made you mentally retarded. My uncle who lives with me is mentally retarded, and all I can say is your life would be a living hell. you better thank God your alright, because that could have been it for you. And boy, if I were your momma id take away your board until you wear your newly bought helmet to school for a month. You could have been screwed worse than death. Google traumatic brain injuries. Youl believe me.
Please no more. Get gloves too.
Yah I'm done until I get some pads
Lmfao you snapped
Shit dude. You're lucky you didn't grind your face off. That's harsh.