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what board/brand? HELP

Alright. I have a friend wanting to buy a longboard. He doesn't know why kind of riding he wants to do, he just wants one. No brand preference or anything. Wheels, trucks, bearings, he doesn't care. I keep telling him my preference but I want to see what you guys think of. He is 5'10" and weighs 120.
@filirican @mpoblete @mikhalemashak @BrianLe @treysonh So far all I've gotten out of him is he likes the way Downhill boards look like.. Lol!
bustin yoface, caliber trucks, Liam Morgan blood oranges. that's what I have, its been the perfect transition from normal skateboarding to longboarding. just made the leap to a Jet kool kick.
then definitely a sector 9! lol!
Get him to try a variety of boards, if possible. If he doesn't develop a preference, I suggest a used board, and maybe after that, he'll probably want something specific.
It's a 35! @Brittneysowell
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