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I used to have a hard time drinking enough water. But I started collecting fun water bottles to help and even though I'm in my mid-thirties, these water bottles have motivated me to drink more water. They're super fun and easy to carry around and they're great to look at!
@sanityscout - I'm a germaphobe, so these are perfect because they keep the part where you put your mouth covered. (I didn't take a pic of the top, but it's a flip-top system so the spout is completely covered.) The problem with "regular" metal water bottles is they have a normal twist off cap and you drink out of the rim, which is exposed to the air, dirty hands, germs etc. FAIL! The flip top is the only way to go.
Also, yes... I definitely drink more water when I find a great water bottle to drink out of. It makes a huge difference! For me the most important factor is the delivery system. If it just trickles out with a lot of effort it's a total fail for me. I like straw-style for my desk and those self-filtering squeeze ones for on the go.
@Nisfit - YES! That was my first one and it's a toss up between that and the astronaut for my favorite. :)
@McDoogle the astronaut is definitely my favorite. I am jealous of your collection! I definitely have collected a few water bottles, but definitely not in an interesting, visually-pleasing way. More of a hoarding trashy way. Hah!
I feel like every time I go into Target I come out with a new water bottle lol
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