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Have you been hearing people say "Net Neutrality" lately? Maybe you keep hearing it and reading it in the news and think, "What is this net neutrality thing, anyway? Something about regulating the internet? Why should I care?" Well, this segment from Last Week Tonight by John Oliver is no longer brand-new, but it's still the best piece I've seen explaining what Net Neutrality is all about. Trust me, it's worth it. He makes this very unsexy-sounding topic clear, accessible and, of course, hilarious. A stunning feat, considering what many people think - in his words: "Yes, Net Neutrality. The only two words that promise more boredom in the English language are 'featuring Sting.'" Aww, Sting burn! Oliver really fixes that, though. Give it a watch and discuss in the comments here!
More people need to see (and understand!) this.
Well, they all came from the Daily Show school of news comedy, so it makes sense! I love him too :) It's a great explanation - kudos to the writers, too, of course!
Hahaha, thanks gor sharing. He reminds me of Colbert. Love the way he explains it!!!
@TeamWaffles and @TechAtHeart this is the piece I was talking about - I know it's not the newest but I wanted to share it for reference. It will always be great, I think!
@sanityscout I had no idea. makes sense. I'm going to share this with friends because it is so important!
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