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1. Be Ab-Fab : Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent and the arms open wide in second position. Lift the body up, contracting the abs as you close the arms to first position—a wide yet graceful circle with the hands—just above the abdomen. Pull the stomach in, closing and opening the arms as you lift up and lower. Repeat 30 times. 2. Firm Your Behind Begin on your hands and knees and make sure you have plenty of cushion underneath. Bring one knee into your chest and then extend the leg straight back, into arabesque. Stretch the knee all the way and be sure to pull in through your stomach. Repeat 30 times, then change legs. 3. Tone Those Arms! Sitting down on the mat, extend your legs out straight and place your hands just behind your hips, with the fingers facing the outer edge of the mat. Lift your hips off the mat as you stretch the elbows, keeping your chest open and your neck long. Pull your stomach in tight and then bend the elbows slightly. Repeat this 30 times.
I love that these seem so easy but then you feel so sore after!
Anything to get Natalie's body! She's so petite but so strong!
I'm going to make this my new Sunday morning workout warm up!
These moves are no joke! They sound so easy until you actually give them a go!