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CONGRATULATIONS!! Our Fishing Community Giveaway has concluded and our winner has been selected! If you didn't win this time, don't be disheartened. I hope that we can try to do another giveaway in the future so we can get even more members here to hang out. And now, the winner is..... @JaredMarinsky Congratulations! You'll be getting these two reels. Look to your message inbox for a message from me about the prize and delivery method. Thank you everyone who joined the community for a chance to win. I hope you'll all stick around and enjoy the community with us a bit longer: we want to really get some great fish conversation going! And, me and Alan (@yakwithalan) hope to do more giveaways, so stick around and let us know what kinds of things you'd be interested in.
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I may never when but I will always be around . This is the one site I've enjoyed out of all the sites I'm involved with . Soon I hope to get more of my friends on here and get them involved with sharing r stories. Congrats to @JaredMarinsky on the gear . hope u use it and share ur personal story about the reels .
Wow!! @dougjohnson Thanks so much man for organizing this I'm just seeing this now, I never win these kind of things!!!! I just replied your message....still shocked though. Man this is great thanks again. @TheReelLife thanks for helping me find this!!! @BrianMcNeeley I'll definitely enjoy them and see what I can share thanks for the wishes and good luck next time too!!!!
@BrianMcNeeley Yeah same, I never win these things but having a good time just seeing what people are up to on here. @JaredMarinsky enjoy the rods man! glad someone gets to use em.
Thanks again everyone!! I hope you all let me know what you want next time. I'd love to do another giveaway.