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If you haven't gotten on the kimono jacket train yet, no is your chance! Here's a tutorial for how to make your own kimono without have to sew anything :) • 1 square yard of fabric (stretchy sheer works best!) • scissors • fabric glue or needle and thread Step 1: Fold your fabric in half, lining up the edges. Then fold it in half again, in the opposite direction, so that it is in fourths. I used a stretchy nylon sheer so it can be left raw. If you use any other type of fabric, use your liquid stitch or a sewing machine to create a 1/4-inch hem. Step 2: Cut along the folded edge of the top layer only. This will create the slit evenly in the middle of your garment. Step 3: Place around your shoulders and make sure everything measures the way you like. Pinch together the sides and hand stitch or fabric glue your arm hole, approx. 8-10 inches from the shoulder.
I'm horrible with a needle so I'll be using the glue, not the needle haha
This is so cool!! I really love this look so this is a dangerous tutorial for me, soon I wont wear anything else!
Wow! I had no idea it was this easy. Now I know what I'm bringing with me when I go to Coachella again next year.
This looks very easy! Since the weather is cold (where I live) I'm trying it with a thicker fabric. Any suggestions?