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Soundcloud and Warner Music Group are partnering up around Soundcloud's new ad-supported, creator partner program, “On SoundCloud," launched in August. The pair will also embark on a paid subscription streaming service that will launch in early 2015. “We’re thrilled that Warner Music Group will be the first major label to join our new creator partner program,” said Alexander Ljung, SoundCloud’s founder & CEO, in a statement. “We expect to generate significant revenue for Warner and its artists in the months and years ahead as we roll out an ad-supported offering and subscription service that delivers real value to the industry.” This doesn't mean that anyone on Soundcloud now has to worry about Warner claiming rights to your tunes. This is merely a way to support a paid streaming system as well as actively protecting the rights of WMG artists. These artists will now have more control over how their content is posted on Soundcloud, both as direct tracks and user-generated mixes. “SoundCloud is a distinctly artist-driven service, with a highly engaged global fan community at its heart,” Jonathan Dworkin, EVP, Digital Strategy & Business Development, WMG said in statement. “This deal will enable SoundCloud to further develop its product as well as its massive user base, and will deliver multi-tiered monetization while preserving the elements that have made the service so popular. It’s a win for artists, for rights-holders and for consumers.” So there will be only a few changes to the Soundcloud we know and love, but we can look forward to a premium service coming our way soon with the help of Warner Music :)
Yeah, it seems like Warner is gonna do a good job o fjust enhancing a great service: I think they're smart enough to not try to change this really loved service!!
This actually sounds like a pretty okay deal, I hope Soundcloud continues to be AWESOME!