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Now that the week is nearing its close, I wanted to change pace a bit and share one of Pablo Neruda's love poems. This one is from the collection "Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada," or "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair." Poem IV By Pablo Neruda Translated by J.B. Donne 'Tis the morrow full of storm in the heart of summer. The wandering hands of the wind shake the clouds like white handkerchiefs waved in farewell. Innumerable heart of the wind fluttering over our silence of love. Humming through the trees, heavenly music, like a tongue full of songs and wars. Winds that lifts the fallen leaves in robbery and turns the palpitating flights of the birds. Wind that throws them down in foamless waves and weightless shapes, and falling flames. Their volume of kisses breaks and goes under fought at the gate of the summer wind. Poem IV By Pablo Neruda (Spanish original) Es la mañana llena de tempestad en el corazón del verano. Como pañuelos blancos de adiós viajan las nubes, el viento las sacude con sus viajeras manos. Innumerable corazón del viento latiendo sobre nuestro silencio enamorado. Zumbando entre los árboles, orquestal y divino, como una lengua llena de guerras y de cantos. Viento que lleva en rápido robo la hojarasca y desvía las flechas latientes de los pájaros. Viento que la derriba en ola sin espuma y sustancia sin peso, y fuegos inclinados. Se rompe y se sumerge su volumen de besos combatido en la puerta del viento del verano.
There are so many wonderful ambiguities in this poem! What is it that Neruda is speaking of? He has to speak in symbolism, in words that don't quite say what he means, and I think the final product is so successful. Great poem.
I love picturing the hands of the wind; such a great image!
@greggr I want to know who's hands are wandering, now that you've mentioned the ambiguity and double meanings here....
@greggr Hmmmm.... @worddoctor Do you have an opinion on this?
@timeturnerjones Hint: it might be one of two lovers, in my interpretation!
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