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There is nothing more dramatic than the actual life-and-death battles that occur each day in a hospital's operating rooms. How many hit TV shows have used this setting to create an environment full of mystery, intrigue, and awe? The truth is these battles are exhilarating, terrifying, and humbling all at the same time. The people who dedicate their careers to working in this demanding world are unique in that they are attracted to the hard life that comes with being on call and witnessing heartbreaking tragedy. The flip side is that they also experience miracles and see first-hand how their hard work save people's lives. I worked in this environment mixing the I.V. medications used in surgeries, chemo-therapy, and critically ill patients for over 7 years. Art is my passion but medicine was my first love. I'd go into the OR on my time off to watch surgeries and try to learn as much as possible. After all I was studying to be a physician. You can open a medical textbook and see countless technical photos of any given surgical procedure. My goal in carrying a camera into the OR wasn't to add to that library. Instead I wanted to catch the staff when they were in their "zones" - hyper-focused and intense. Every surgeon I've worked with at some point during each surgery works themselves into an almost trance-like state. They become hyper-focused and in some cases you can easily see that they are inside the incision in their mind, working through the steps they need to save the patient's life and bring them back from the edge of death safely. In a short period of time many of the surgeons I worked with expressed that they loved my photos of them in their element. Even though their faces were covered with caps and masks. For a couple of years I traveled the country shooting "Operating Room Portraits" of top surgeons. It was a fun but exhausting gig. These are a few of the thousands of photos I shot and are part of a library of OR photography I own. I hope you enjoy them!
thanks alot this is cool very intresting
Thank you so much for sharing these: I really believe that the aspects of the medical world that you wanted to share (the trance that doctors enter hoping to save enough, and to show an intelligent but human side to the OR). I definitely feel the warmth in these photos: not the strict sense of the OR as we often imagine it.
I can't imagine the pressure lol to me it's almost mystical
Thank you! It's a different world in there. It's fascinating to me - all of the things that are done to save people's lives.
these are great :)
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