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Here are ESPN's NFL midseason grades for all 32 teams. Do you guys agree or disagree? Buffalo Bills: B Miami Dolphins: B New England Patriots: A- New York Jets: F Denver Broncos: A- Kansas City Chiefs: B+ Oakland Raiders: F San Diego Chargers: C Baltimore Ravens: C+ Cincinnati Bengals: B Cleveland Browns: B Pittsburgh Steelers: B+ Houston Texans: C Indianapolis Colts: A- Jacksonville Jaguars: D Tennessee Titans: D Dallas Cowboys: B+ New York Giants: C- Philadelphia Eagles: B Washington Redskins: D+ Arizona Cardinals: B+ San Francisco 49ers: C- Seattle Seahawks: B- St. Louis Rams: D+ Chicago Bears: D Detroit Lions: B+ Green Bay Packers: B Minnesota Vikings: C+ Atlanta Falcons: F Carolina Panthers: D+ New Orleans Saints: B- Tampa Bay Buccaneers: F
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@RonTorrisi I agree, I think the Raiders are trending up and made a great decision to get Carr some experience. That decision alone should get them to a C. Mack is also looking great on defense
Hopefully they continue to make great draft picks! Would make up for a decade of busts
id say a b or b+
I think the niners deserve a little better. They've been winning without half their defense. No Willis, no bowman, no allow Smith. Once they're all back watch out.
How did the cardinals get a b+? That is mind boggling and definitely shows bias