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The Bobby Pin Hairstyle
I've been obsessed with gold bobby pins after browsing through Free People's Fashion Collection. I couldn't help but notice the gorgeous gold pins on their model's hair. They're fun to style with and very modern. Maybe it's time for you to ditch your black bobby pins and try something new. Here's how you can style them: 1. Throw your hair into a low bun, then place your (metallic) bobby pins in a crown form at the base. 2. Pull your hair back into a low side bun. To get the chevron shape, slide one bobby pin onto the hair, and then slide the next one through the end of the first pin, creating a secure angle. Finally, make 5 chevrons, but feel free to add more for a more dramatic effect! Images from Free People.
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I love that chevron shape! This is great inspiration @alise!
3 years ago·Reply
@vegantraveler Thanks! That's one of my favorite too. Although I've been trying other geometric shapes (triangles and stars).
3 years ago·Reply
This is really cool! I love that second one. I wonder if gold pins would look good in black hair though or if someone would just think I accidentally purchased the wrong pack!
3 years ago·Reply
I love both of these!
3 years ago·Reply
This is gorgeous inspiration! I usually try to hide my bobby pins if I'm using them at all
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