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We finally made it - the very first day of the San Diego Asian Film Festival! I've got to admit that the past few days have been absolutely killer, but the fun of tonight's Opening Night event absolutely made up for it! We screened "Revenge of the Green Dragons", a crime drama based on a true story about feuding gangs in NYC's Chinatown. It starred Eugenia Yuan, Leonard Wu, Justin Chon, Kevin Wu, and Harry Shum Jr, and was produced by Martin Scorsese. (For real though, Martin Scorsese!) Some of the cast and crew were able to come to the opening event, and it was really exciting for the entire SDAFF staff to have the opportunity to have them kick off this year's festival. (It was also my very first time being a theater operations manager, and yeah, that definitely involved as much running around as the title implies.) Needless to say, tonight was all sorts of exciting, and I can't wait until tomorrow's events. If you're interested in learning more about "Revenge of the Green Dragons" (and perhaps checking it out when it comes to a theater near you), click the link attached to this card!
Sounds like a lot of fun!
@alise It is! But also a looooooot of work.