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It's amazing to me how much toddlers love bubbles. No matter how many times they've seen them, pull some out and they'll be delighted again. I recently found some "Tough Bubbles" for my son that don't pop right away - so they stay all over the floor, your hand, your toes. Needless to say, he loved it. Much giggling ensued. Today I came across this video showing some pretty awesome "bubble magic" tricks that include glowing bubbles, dry ice bubbles and giant bubbles. I know you probably don't need me to tell you this, fellow parents, but just please be careful with some of the materials if you recreate these at home with the kiddos. Highlighter fluid and dry ice, for example. Most importantly, though - have a great time with these! I'm planning to try them out with my family.
Whoa. This is crazy. Those dry ice bubbles are so cool, but I think it might be a little hard to create a container structure with a hose coming out of it unless you're really good at constructing things.
no need to dare me, because I knew from the second I clicked this card I was going to love it!
my boys will love this, thanks!
Post again with an update if you recreate it, @mcgraffy! I'd love to hear how it went. @danidee, I agree that it was probably the more complicated of the three. But I think it's still an accessible project even though it looks daunting (to me too!)