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Dresses Made From Maps by Elisabeth Lecourt
French artist Elisabeth Lecourt has handmade a collection of dress folded from geographical maps. For this project, Elisabeth used maps from a 14th Century of Sir Francis Drake’s voyage to a diagram of rivers and mountains around the world. The intention of the artist was to display "the meaningful works of art that explore themes of sensitivity and vulnerability". Take a look at her apparel collection and see if you recognize some of the maps. For more information about Elisabeth Lecourt and her art work, visit her website:
This reminds me of an artist I worked with a couple months ago that used maps for these incredible collage works. I hadn't really seen anyone use them like that before. His name is Matthew Cusick if you're wanting to check that out,
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@danidee Never heard of this artist. Thanks for suggesting! His collage works are interesting. I love artist that explores different mediums.
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how enchanting!
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Clothing from everyday items is always stunning to behold.
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