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Amazon announced a new product this November call Echo. The Echo is a cloud connected, always on microphone that listens to inputs and gives answers. Essentially, it is a better built version of the iPhone's Siri. Now you may be wondering, why is Amazon, an online retailer, creating this device? They don't profit from telling you the news, the weather, or even scheduling your day. What TechCrunch thinks, and I think they are right about this, is the Amazon Echo will make it easier for you to purchase things from Amazon. For all the little things that you think about that you need during the day, new pens or pencils, new paper, a new cutting board or a new desk lamp, the Amazon Echo will give consumers an extremely easy way to purchase things without worrying about going through the process of purchasing it through the website. This is backed up by the fact that Prime members get the Echo for 50 percent off. Amazon has proven that Prime members buy more on average. Amazon's intent is to make it easier for consumers to purchase which they hope in turn will allow them to purchase more.
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When I first watched this video, I kind of was freaking out thinking "no thanks!" but I was thinking about it, and this actually seems really helpful. I don't think I'll be buying one myself anytime soon but I'm excited to see if anyone I nkow tries one out!
I agree with techcrunch that this is just for advertising learn what consumers want and sell them more of it