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You know its not going to be a good shopping day when the store’s website crashed before the collection even appeared on the site. Oy. It seems that in addition to the long lines, an actual fight broke out at one H&M location carrying the Alexander Wang collab, with every roundhouse kick and right hook captured here: Stores put a 2 item limit on customers (many of whom waited overnight) which did nothing to calm down the masses. The collection was on eBay only hours after doors opened with the prices jacked up to 3x the original price! There were lines, tussles, and shouting for Versace and Lanvin, but nothing compared to the world-wide madness that came from the Wang x H&M collab. Do we have any brave souls that went to the release here on Vingle??
What a headache! I knew the Wang collaboration would be popular but not violent!
Dang what's so special about this line of clothing? Limited release? Seems ridiculous