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That's right: there's going to be a Toy Story 4!!! I'm typically not a huge fan of sequels (or more than that...) but in the case of Toy Story, I made an exception! I initially was sad to see that Pixas has fallen into the Disney style of sequels that aren't so great, but Toy Story 3 changed my mind, and I think Toy Story 4 can do the same! I love seeing really new, creative work from Pixar, and I initially worried that Disney and Pixar's relationship would cause this to change. But, I think the fourth film is going to be more than solid: original director John Lasseter is onboard, and he will be working with lee Unkrich who directed Toy Story 3. Also involved: - Pete Docter, the director of Up - Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo - Screenplay by Rashida Jones, who has starred on Parks and Recreation and The Office with help from Will McCormack, who previously wrote alongside Jones - Galyn Susman, producer of Toy Story shorts, will be involved as well Alright, so who else is excited?! Oh wait, I forgot to mention we have to wait till June of 2017......yep. Don't hold your breath!!
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I hope they keep up the great story lines, I don't ever want to be disappointed in toy story.
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I can't wait! I have been a toy story fan since I was little, and I am sure I'll still enjoy a new one in 2017!
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Nice! WOnder what the plot will be
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@MereChrisKang I'm already excited for the first teaser....and that probalby won't come for at least a year hahahaha
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