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If i could ever afford it i was thinking of getting this new board its a bamboo stout, i heard bamboo is really flexible and strong but iv never actually rode one, i dont want to have a board thats too flexible. Whats do you guys think about?
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Bamboo isn't TOO flexy, some loaded boards come with flex options depending on the riders weight.
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Bambo is flexy, just not toooo flexy somwtimes. I bet a landy bamboo would be stiffer than like a loaded, but still flexy
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I had a bamboo pintail, and it was flexy, boy not too flexy. take in account I weigh 215, it didn't flex that much when I stood on it or rode it, only when I jumped on it lol
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Bamboo on a board that length sounds awesome!! My bamboo board has great support and still feels surfy! My wheel base is 30 inches so it probably flexes more than that one would.
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