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I'm all for a good joke, and even a tactless joke at times, but there are occasions where people take things too far, and that's just not OK! Case 1: Artie Lange's disgusting tweets about Cari Champion. For those who don't know who Artie Lange is, he is a comedian who has made appearances on ESPN in the past, and regularly is part of some Comedy Central broadcasts. Cari Champion is a host on one of ESPN's segments. Earlier this week, Lange was watching a show she was part of, and starting tweeting his personal fantasies about what he would do to her. To put it bluntly: Lange cast himself as Thomas Jefferson and the ESPN personality as a "slave" he attempts to whip because she "disrespected the Jefferson Plantation." He described her whipping him instead and running for freedom, with the two of them eventually getting married "at The Knights of Columbus in Linden New Jersey" after having eight children together. Once he started to receive backlash, he stepped up to defend himself, saying that he was a stand up comedian, making a joke, and that people need to calm down. He was banned from appearing on ESPN after this, and a few of his appearances on other networks were canceled as well. Champion hasn't acknowledged the occurrence. He went on to say PC groups need to chill out, and his mom hates the tweets (but his comedy isn't based off his mom!) I completely agree with him that PC groups are taking it too far with things these days, but that doesn't mean that we can say whatever we want online and expect no consequences. And. Well, maybe I'm a bit prudish, but even if they were meant as jokes, I think he took it too far! Sure, 1 or 2 of the tweets would have been fine (still crude, but fine) but he took it to a level that shouldn't be considered funny to anyone, even if they were a "fantasy." What do you think? Am I being too strict in my views?
@danidee reasonable to be annoyed with PC groups going overboard? Sure. Reasonable to tweet this kind of crap? Absolutely not. @csgeek Completely agree!! Even if the RTs were to complain about him, don't spread that nonsense.
I can't believe people actually retweeted that. Seriously ㅜㅜ
Yuck. Racist, sexist, and a masochist? No thanks. He deserves the backlash. Own up to your mistake, dude, and just apologize. It's people like him that make me lose hope in humanity.
Yeah, this whole thing was completely disgusting. I totally agree with you.