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I'm a huge fan of the original Lord of the Rings (and related) books, and also of the original movie trilogy. I can't say that I love the first bit of The Hobbit as much as the original movie trilogy, or as much as the books, but I didn't hate it, either. And so, looking towards the next part of the movie in December, I'm excited to see a trailer that really tells me if I'm going to like it or not. And I think the verdict is yes!! I originally thought this series was going to feel like a movie awkwardly split into a few movies, and not like a new "trilogy" but it ended up feeling like a trilogy in the end, which I'm really happy about because I really wanted this to feel like it can stand on its own. I did hear that the final battle scene, though, is going to be 45 minutes long. That is going to rival Return of the King: I hope it's as well done, or I might not like it!