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I had received this deck by a friend who had been letting it set in his trunk for a while. I took it home, threw some wheels on it, and tested to see how it rode. It was so smooth, so flexible, and I just loved three feel of it. When I got back home I didn't have the patience to wait till the next day to skate.. So I had to do something.. Grabbed my three favorite colored pastels and went to town. Surely the more miles I put on it, the more it will fade. But I just liked the process of it all. I'll have the picture and the blurry, smeared, pastelly deck to prove it. xD #LongboardFreeride
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Thanks guys!
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It's a Krown deck with Crown trucks and some wheels I pulled off of my land yacht. It was given to me so what the heck, ya know? Haha.
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Krown trucks* My bad.
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I don't really know how to work bungle very well.. But if someone could show this to the Longboard give away from LongboardFreeride.
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