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After months of hiatus, the Soompi “We Got Married“ recaps are back with a look at the current husbands of the show: Song Jae Rim, Hong Jong Hyun, and Namgoong Min. Now let’s take a look at the lovely ladies, Girls’ Day‘s Yura, Kim So Eun, and Hong Jin Young, who have the – honor? Pleasure? Burden? – of being their virtual wives. Yura – The Bubbly Idol Poor Yura, she is trying so hard. We already covered that her husband needs to work on his affection and expressions, and he has improved a lot, but Yura is trying so hard to take the relationship to the next level. I’m not sure what the next level looks like, but I think it would be something that is a little more comfortable with a little more skinship. After visiting his high school together, Jong Hyun makes them spaghetti, which looks delicious. I believe Yura when she said it tasted really good. Of course Yura asks if Jong Hyun was popular in high school, and surprise, surprise, he was. He also reveals that he had two girlfriends in high school. When he asks Yura if she’s ever dated as an idol, she sidesteps that question by doing what she does best: laughing. I can’t tell if I love her laugh, or not. I do admire that she can laugh freely and in a way that isn’t all pretty and fake-sounding. I think she’s trying to show her natural self, which includes that loud laugh and a lot of hitting. So much hitting. I feel a little bad for Jong Hyun. The other wives hit their husbands too, but they do it in a gentle, teasing way that men kind of like. Yura hits Jong Hyun in a way that looks like it kind of hurts. No wonder he’s always trying to dodge her. After dinner the two write down what they would like to do as a couple. After comparing their lists, they see that they have a few in common. One of them is to go to a zoo together. Who knew that Yura find a rival at the zoo? This orangutan is pretty flirty with the handsome actor, which makes Yura suspicious of all female animals in the zoo, even the iguana, donkey, and snake. Speaking of the snake…. What a priceless picture, one that Jong Hyun will keep in his phone for awhile. As their date goes to an end, Yura uses the excuse that it’s cold to try to snuggle up to her husband. Jong Hyun sees it for what it is, and then apologizes (again) for the awkward way they did their skinship. You’ll get there, one day. Meanwhile, Yura, fighting! Kim So Eun – The Patient Match “We Got Married” has many applications from celebrities to be on their show, and I’m sure the producers carefully match up celebrities to create couples. I believe this is one couple that they should be proud of (or maybe they just got lucky when they decided to put two cat people together). We know Song Jae Rim is a character, a very interesting character, but I appreciate Kim So Eun for bearing the responsibility of being his wife. Because of Jae Rim’s eccentric personality and overly affection physical attention, his wife has to be someone who can not only put up with some unwanted advances but keep with him. I think So Eun does a pretty good job. Jae Rim does thing that male characters in Korean dramas do, which may seem like a romantic idea, but the result is more awkward. For instance, in a Korean drama the male lead will suddenly grab the female by the head and touch their foreheads together while the female stares at him with wide eyes. In real life, she’ll jerk away and ask him what he’s doing. However, So Eun isn’t always putting Jae Rim in his place. She lets him put lipstick on her, fake kisses, hold her hand, and show off. Sometimes, she can’t help but laugh, which is good, because he looks so pleased when she does that. Sometimes, she will just give him this look: Which is also good because Jae Rim needs to be reminded sometimes that skinship and affection should be consensual. Just because you’re a handsome actor doesn’t mean you can go be all grabby with your fake wife whenever and wherever you want. I think So Eun is learning that her husband responds well to praise, as she rewards him whenever he does something good with small touches and words of affection. As I said, her husband is like this big, goofy dog that needs a lot of love and a little bit of discipline to be the best companion. Also in this episode the couple goes to a shooting range, and So Eun has a lot of fun. She even does better than her husband in their practice run. What bothers me is that the instructor didn’t teach her the proper way to hold a gun. It’s great that she isn’t totally docile and boring – she has a personality and can take on her husband in their activities. Despite her being on guard a lot, I think she really does have fun with Jae Rim, because he is a lot of fun, and I’m interested in seeing how this couple develops. Hong Jin Young – The Proud Wife Last week, Hong Jin Young had to deal with being secondary to the mini-movie her husband was directing. She may not have been totally happy with being occasionally ignored, but it’s all going to be worth it very soon. Also, can someone tell Hong Jin Young’s stylist to hold back on the BB cream a bit? After drinking wine in a hot tub together (where Jin Young challenges Min to take it all off together), the two snuggle in their hotel bed. Min (I totally forgot Namgoong was a last name, it’s so rare!) says he want to try something out and asks his wife to close her eyes. He has a surprise for her: a recording of him saying sweet things about their marriage. It really is sweet and you can tell Jin Young is really touched. These kind of moments always get to me. It all seems so sincere, I really want them to get together in the real life. However, I have rooted for a couple that turned out to be lieeees before, so I will not fall for this again! Min makes a surprise appearance at the “We Got Married” MC room, and they all watch the mini-movie that they made. Props to the editors of the videos who switched between excellent and lazy editing to hide Jin Young’s distracting bandaid. It was also cute to see that the couple had eyes for each other, even when they weren’t officially being filmed for the segment. Min watching the finished product so intently was cute too. Also, Min may liked her full-bangs look more, but I like the new parted look she has. It seems more age appropriate. I know this couple may not be as popular as the other two, but I kind of like how goofy and silly they are for an older couple. It makes their relationship more sweet.