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Dating seems simple enough, engaging in social activities to get to know another person better and learn if you’re compatible for a commitment. But that doesn’t mean it’s always so easy, so here are some perhaps obvious tips that will help you towards finding that lasting love. Listen. ● Sounds simple enough, but when you’re still getting to know someone a date feels less like time spent with someone special and more like a job interview. You may be trying to keep your runaway mouth in check or think of something clever to say, but you’re distracted from your date. Stop. Listen. Hear what the other person is saying and engage with them. Remember, sometimes not having the perfect response isn’t so bad. Be patient. ● We all want to believe in love at first sight, but as romantic as that sounds a little patience goes a long way. The process of falling in love is even more wonderful than instant gratification. Be gracious. ● Whether it’s nerves or social influence a forgotten “thank you” is understandable, but it still stings. A little politeness takes a first impression from good to great, so remember the golden rule. Be honest. ● Honesty can mean vulnerability which can be really scary, but it really does pay off. It can be temping to try and “play it cool” but being honest about how much you like someone or how much something means to you will not only show your date you trust them, it can help to weed out someone incompatible. Have fun! ● How are you going to be able to connect with someone if you’ve got your guards up? That’s pretty easy, you can’t! Relax a little and enjoy yourself, dates are supposed to be enjoyable.
" The process of falling in love is even more wonderful than instant gratification" so true, sometime people think that love at first sight was a sign of true love, but I think a love that come in process will probably be... thank you for these useful tips!
I think these are obvious but important /life/ tips!! haha
@Dyudhistira14 I can't agree more....it's not fun when you are instantly with someone and instantly know everything about them and everything seems perfect in a moment! Where is the substance and the growth that can happen together? Where is the tension and the back and forth that is natural to any solid relationship? To build strong ties, you have to have strong battles and interactions, too.
@pixiedust It's just less stressful on yourself too in being patient. It works in all areas of life too. Especially driving. ><
@Spudsy2061 very true, it takes a lot of work to be patient but you're right, it's so rewarding!
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