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The GameMaker Studio is a program that lets you literally make your very own video game. You don’t even need to know how to code, you can use it as a complete newbie and it’s completely free. Or if you’re looking for more advanced options those are available for cash. What’s cool about it is if you don’t know programming you can just piece your game together from existing elements sort of like building blocks, which is exactly how the indie game dev in charge of GameMaker, Michael Hayes said: "You make programs out of logical building blocks, 'Legos' I call them, and you can pretty much make an entire game just by clicking icons together, It's quite handy.” You can check out the video for more info and the website is attached.
This is pretty awesome... I hope to be able to do this for real one day! I mean like make mainstream games lol
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I think this is arelly cool; more and more I think that we'll be playing a bigger role in what is now controlled by other people. But I don't think there will eve not be a "Mainstream" game market!
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@MattK95 oh cool, is that what you want to do?! that would be really awesome :D I'm awful at math so I can't really do programming.
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@AgentCory yeah I would love to have a job like that :)
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This program id awesome I have made many games with very little trouble
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