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This is my second board, thinking about picking up a Bhangra .

Any of you skate loaded? I love my loaded, my first board was a sector nine. Any reviews on the Bhangra?
The Bhangra is like the love child between the old school loaded dancer, and the dervish sama. Its a directional board, so the nose is shorter than the tail. Doing nose manuals and regular manuals actually feel very different because of this. Its a freestyle machine, and id take a bullet for it. I've had mine for 3 months and some bad razor tail is already happening. I've used it so much, I've learned like 6 tricks on it. It's got some light concave, and you can see in some Loaded videos that they do bust out a few slides occasionally. Not the best for freeride but it's okay for LIGHT LIGHT freeride. It's got some small wheel wells. I'd stick with below 70mm wheels, to reduce wheelbite. Now there are a few downsides. It's pretty heavy which trucks and wheels. Maybe 10 or so pounds. But you do get used to it after awhile so its fine. I have mine setup with 180mm Paris V2 (orangesicle color, is the only right choice of color obviously.) trucks, and some really ghetto 66mm cruising wheels. I'm looking at buying Orangatang Keanu's though. So yeah, I'd set it up with Paris and Otangs but it's all up to you.
Yeah my loaded got hit by a car and it bent one of the trucks. it had Paris trucks on it. I put my caliber trucks from my first board on it but they rattle so much. I loved my Paris trucks my board was virtually silent.
I ride a loaded tan tien and a loaded canted tessy. best boards out there
I am about to ride Loaded :) just bought myself a Tan Tien!
nice bro
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